Does the silk dial of the Celestial Silk wear out or fade over time?

Absolutely not. As the vast imperial collections of the Forbidden City attest to, Suzhou silk embroidery masterpieces can endure for millennia undiminished.

Two years before launching the Celestial Silk collection in 2015, our Founder Benjamin Chee HH commissioned a personal prototype with the "Duo of Swallows" artwork and closely studied the effects of frequent outdoor wear on the watch. The results confirm that the exquisite hand-stitched Suzhou silk embroidery dials of Maison Celadon do not in any way deteriorate over time.

We are so confident of the quality of our silk, that we will replace any Celestial Silk dial that has, in the unlikeliest of possibilities, diminished, with our compliments.

Does Maison Celadon accept bespoke commissions for watches?

Not only do we handcraft bespoke watches, but we thoroughly enjoy it. From the intimate communication with our bespoke clients, to the pursuit of new pinnacles of design and quality, to the sheer delight that we share when our new Celadon Connoisseur receives his or her new bespoke Maison Celadon masterpiece, we have always sought to exceedingly delight our clients and create heirlooms of ageless beauty. 

We currently offer our bespoke service exclusively on the Celestial, with a choice of bespoke Cloisonné or Micropainting or Suzhou silk embroidery dials, culminating in a pièce unique, never to be repeated for anyone else, the only such watch or pair of watches in the world. With a minimum order, we are also able to customise our other watch collections for VVIP corporate gifts, truly exceptional wedding presents, or the birthday of the century. We are also able to monogram the bespoke Seraphim leather case on commission.

From our inception, clients have commissioned Maison Celadon to produce exceptional watches to commemorate the most significant moments in their lives, from a wedding and the beginning of forever for a young couple, to anniversaries, to Christmas gifts for a very special someone. Just contact our Concierge at concierge@maisonceladon.com and we'd be supremely delighted to help.